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$tart Cleaning up With Your Own Cleaning Business!!
(With No Money to Start!)

A cleaning business is one of the easiest and least expensive businesses of any that you could ever start! It is unique in the way that big money can be made immediately instead of waiting months or even years for your efforts to pay off. Why work a "job" making chump change when starting your own cleaning business has never been easier. Also consider�

• You need no education
• You need no experience
• You can start off with little or even no money
• The industry keeps growing with no signs of slowing
• There are no sales involved
• There is no overhead (work out of your home)
• There is no limit to how much money you can make

The cleaning industry is BOOMING! Nearly every single office building, apartment complex, retail store, doctor's office, professional office (the list goes on and on), need a cleaning service. As time goes on we see more and more families with both parents working, many are looking to simplify their lives by hiring a cleaning company. There are thousands of people getting rich with their cleaning businesses in the United States right now! Why can't one of those people be you?

Remember, 75% of all the millionaires in the country got rich by starting their own business. Most are not computer geniuses or stock- brokers, but every day folks like you and me. Folks that started waste management companies, shoe stores, and repair shops. Folks that weren't interested in image, only making money!

YOU WILL MAKE MONEY by starting your own cleaning business. All that is required is some hard work, persistence, and of course the "know how". This is where our manual Start Cleaning Up With Your Own Cleaning Business (With No Money To Start!) comes in.

This manual is simply the best, and most thorough start up manual for residential and commercial cleaning entrepreneurs that money can buy! It will answer all of your start up questions such as�

• How much money can I make in the cleaning industry?
• Which field is more profitable residential or commercial?
• How do I price a commercial job?
• How do I price a residential job (home)?
• How do I draw up a contract for a commercial job?
• What are the least expensive and most effective ways to advertise?
• How do I pick a legal structure for my business?
• What is the difference between employees and subcontractors?
• Do I need insurance and bonding?
• What do I need for supplies, and where should I buy them?
• How can I start my business with no money to start?


• Examples of time tested, successful marketing pieces including post cards, flyers, letters, and more
• A full length contract for subcontractors
• A full length contract for commercial accounts
• A complete commercial proposal including a proposed work schedule
• A table for use in organizing annual expenses and income
• A list of the most common complaints from both commercial and residential customers


• Totally complete, boasting EIGHT full parts, and 120 pages!
• For residential and commercial cleaning entrepreneurs
• Invaluable in helping you build any size business from small to extra large!


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